Our Approach

Face Time
We've noticed a trend in the IT business: as remote technology improves, many service providers use it as a substitute for on-site work. You never see them! Although there are clearly advantages to remote technology, the difference is that IDEOLITY still believes we should visit your offices in-person once or twice a month. That way, we can conduct a visual inspection and visit with your team to resolve those pesky problems that don't lend themselves to remote repair.
When you never interact with your technology consultants, it's easy to lose touch with the evolving nature of your IT needs. IDEOLITY will tailor a plan around your team, your opportunities and your needs. We make sure you interact with us on a regular basis, not just when there's a stressful problem.
Our field technicians and network engineers are empowered to work directly with customers to provide a stable and available IT environment. We cut the sales rep out of the equation to get to a better solution, faster.
Adoption Principles
IDEOLITY has been in business for over 20 years and in the top 25 computer networking companies for all of the 21st Century. In that time, we've been through several iterations of technology. We've learned that new technology isn't necessarily better technology. We test new products and monitor industry trends so when we deploy something new to your organization, it's been tested and critical issues have been resolved.