IDEOLITY service options

IDEOLITY ensures that your I.T. resources are available during business hours by focusing on monitoring, maintaining, configuring and supporting your network’s Infrastructure and Core Services, so that:

  • The Internet connection is up. 
  • The Local Area Network is running smoothly.
  • All servers are operating properly and available to authenticated users.
  • Network applications are functional and responsive.
  • Backup systems are configured, running and periodically tested.
  • Recovery from unexpected equipment hardware failures is rapid.

IDEOLITY provides:

  • A structured, ongoing approach to Information Technology resource management, including planning and advice customized for your specific needs, integration assistance with phone and cable providers and warranty assistance with major manufacturers.
  • Scheduled remote and on-site maintenance windows.
  • Documentation, maintained and updated on all critical resources (servers, firewall, router and other devices) attached to your network.
  • Regular one-on-one status reviews with your account representative.
  • A scheduled training visit so end users can receive assistance at their desks. 

IDEOLITY can also provide scheduled end-user support services in increments of 4 hours per month at a discounted hourly rate.  This assistance is also available by web, email, phone or remote connection to your computer, during regular business hours. And, if your organization needs dedicated support availability outside of normal business hours, our After Hours plan will provide assurance and timely response.