Service Level Agreement (SLA)

IDEOLITY will provide the following services to support the Information Technology environment for clients that have elected the Managed Workplace Plan: Comprehensive I.T. Resource Management.
In order to perform its duties under the fixed fee Managed Service Agreement, IDEOLITY will provide the Information Technology services either on-site or remotely at its sole discretion, without regard to the amount of time or number of personnel involved. The technicians who perform these duties shall be employees of IDEOLITY. Every effort will be made to accommodate the Client’s desire for scheduled hours; however, the technicians’ schedules shall be determined solely by IDEOLITY.
Service Hours:
IDEOLITY employees will generally conduct their work during normal business hours, 8:30 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. U.S. Central Time, Monday through Friday, except holidays, and may elect to perform work outside of normal business hours at no additional cost.
Scheduled Maintenance Windows:
If work needs to be performed that will degrade or interrupt services for more than two users for greater than 20 minutes during the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM weekdays except holidays, IDEOLITY shall schedule a maintenance window in consultation with the Client's technical contact so that users may be notified in advance and operations will be minimally affected.
Services to be Provided:
Install, maintain and configure the Managed Workplace information technology management platform.
Perform necessary preventative and/or remediation steps associated with alerts, tickets and other information generated by the Managed Workplace platform.
Service Levels:
IDEOLITY will manage, monitor and maintain all infrastructure devices not managed by another vendor or specifically excluded in the MSA, according to the device manufacturer’s specifications and/or industry best practices, so that the local area network functions properly and remains in optimum operating condition.
IDEOLITY will monitor Client’s Internet connection and work on behalf of Client to resolve connectivity interruptions or degradations in service. If the problem condition is caused by a third party (for example, the Internet Service Provider, fiber, telecom or cable company) IDEOLITY will work with that vendor as needed to achieve speedy resumption of services, provided that Client authorizes direct contact with the vendor.
IDEOLITY will ensure that Core Services are configured and maintained according to industry best practices so that they are secure and available during business hours. Should there be an unexpected failure; IDEOLITY will take action so that Core Services are returned to functionality according to the terms and timeline in the SLA.
Response Metrics:
In the event of an unexpected interruption in Client’s Infrastructure or Core Services, IDEOLITY shall apply its response and effort toward resumption of normal service according to the following table:



Response Limits

Level 1



Total loss of services or the services are unable to fulfill their functions overall and/or their usability is severely degraded.

Acknowledge and gather data within 45 minutes of notification. Initial response from time of logging call - 1 hour. Resolution from time of logging call - ASAP

Level 2



The services are able to fulfill their function overall but there is significant loss of function or disruption to the use of the services.

Acknowledge and gather data within 45 minutes of notification. Initial response from time of logging call - 1 hour. Resolution from time of logging call - ASAP

Level 3



Faults that have been temporarily fixed or bypassed or a work-around has been employed but they still require a permanent fix.

Acknowledge and gather data within 45 minutes of notification. Initial response from time of logging call - 1 hour. Resolution from time of logging call - 15 days

Level 4



Minor or cosmetic defects in software or trivial faults in hardware exist which do not affect the ability of the services to fulfill its function.

Initial response from time of logging call - up to 5 days. Resolution from time of logging call - 30 days

Level 5 Information Only Calls

General inquiries or requests for implementation assistance

Initial response from time of logging call - 1 day. Resolution from time of logging call - N/A


The following are included as Core Services and shall be maintained, serviced, configured and/or documented according to industry best practices by IDEOLITY:
  • The network security perimeter, including the router and/or firewall and server(s).
  • Domain name service (DNS).
  • Data backups, according to the scope and schedule set forth in the SLA.
  • Monitoring the backup process by checking activity logs and visual observation, periodically updating the backup scripts, periodically performing a trial restoration procedure. Client is responsible for daily media changing and replacing outdated or failed media).
  • Application of service packs and security patches and updates to servers, routers and/or firewalls and wireless access points.
  • Monitoring the anti-virus protection at the file server, verifying that anti-virus definitions are up-to-date, checking anti-virus software activity logs.
  • Performing file server administration as required by industry best practices, including monitoring disk usage, fault tolerance, and event logs, and taking necessary actions as a result of information gathered in order to assure proper operation.
  • Resolving problem conditions in servers, routers, wireless access points and other essential equipment.
  • Working with application vendors to assure that server-based applications are properly installed and configured and available to users. (IDEOLITY technical staff are not subject matter experts for accounting software and other software for specialized business functions.  We do support the I.T. environment for such software and work closely with the vendor in order to maintain its continuous availability.
For the purposes of calculating availability, IDEOLITY may exclude and shall not be held responsible for failures to provide Services if any of the following Exclusions exist: 
  • There is a defect or malfunction in any hardware and software which adversely affects IDEOLITY's ability to perform the Services;
  • Problems caused by Client Resources not under IDEOLITY's management;
  • Any agreed-upon periods of time that are necessary for repairs or maintenance, including scheduled maintenance;
  • Changes made to the network which Client failed to communicate to IDEOLITY;
  • Circumstances that constitute a Force Majeure Event as described in the Master Services Agreement;
  • Service Failures that result from actions or inactions of Client contrary to IDEOLITY's recommendations;
  • Delays or downtime due to any factor outside of IDEOLITY's  reasonable control;
  • Loss of Internet connectivity to Client site for any reason;
IDEOLITY will provide end user support during scheduled on-site visits only at no additional cost up to the allocated time set forth in the Managed Service Agreement (MSA). The hourly rate for exceptions or on-site time expended beyond the allocation is set forth in the MSA.
There are exceptions, such as: (1) instances that require an extra, non-scheduled physical visit; (2) all after-hours requests; (3) requests involving a home visit; (4) excessive requests by or for an individual user; (5) instances resulting from experimentation; (6) instances caused by external actors, such as “drive-by” viruses or other malware attacks.
IDEOLITY provides Help Desk response without limit at no additional cost via phone or email, on a best-efforts, as-available basis for all clients during service hours.
Equipment, component or software repair or replacement
IDEOLITY will verify the problem condition and either resolve it or determine the course of action that will resolve the condition with the best combination of speed and cost. (Many computer components are warranted for extended periods.  IDEOLITY will assist Client in taking advantage of manufacturers’ warranties whenever feasible.)
IDEOLITY will bill Client separately for components provided to repair the device and the time taken to repair the device or resolve the problem condition.