Cloud Backups & Servers

Cloud Servers

Some of our clients need the functionality of a server based environment, but don't want the capital expenditure, or the noise and hassle of maintain their own server in house. IDEOLITY can create your server environment in our local cloud, and actively manage those servers so they're always running their best. You get all the power of operating your company's own server without having to continually purchase server hardware. 


If you're thinking now might be a good time to move your company's assets to the cloud, or to create a new environment - we'd love to help! We can guide you through the pros and cons of running your servers in the cloud and then help make it happen.

Cloud Backups

IDEOLITY works hard to protect your data. Each of our clients have multi-tier backup and recovery schemes. An essential part to any backup plan is an offsite backup in the event that there's a problem where your data is stored. It doesn't have to be a disaster - something as simple as a busted pipe or electrical issue can be a big problem if you aren't prepared for it. 


Everyone has different needs and risk tolerances. Let's talk about yours and adequately provision for your backups - that way you're ready when things go awry, and you aren't paying for services you don't need.


IDEOLITY's cloud backup solutions are encrypted, and data is always stored within the United States.