Since the beginning, IDEOLITY has specialized in working with Kansas City area nonprofits. We understand the funding challenges and the budget cycles that go along with being a nonprofit organization. We can help plan for IT costs well in advance as well as suggest flexible and creative ways IT can help nonprofits pursue their mission in the community.

IDEOLITY helps to plan for future IT needs so you can budget for them more effectively, and we'll help you develop a roadmap of hardware and software costs so you're ready when opportunities arise.

We maintain a majority nonprofit client base, and we feel very strongly about supporting the missions of our clients. Nonprofits do things in our communities that no one else will take on, and we want to help!

In fact, most of IDEOLITY's nonprofit clients don't need to employ IT staff  at all, and some of the larger ones use us to augment a lean IT team.

Contact us today and we can help address your challenges, always at significantly discounted nonprofit rates. 


We can help with:

  • IT Managed Services
  • Backups & Server Maintenance
  • Break & Fix
  • IT Helpdesk
  • All types of IT infrastructure
  • Augmentation of your Existing Staff
  • Wireless Networks
  • IT Projects
  • Technology Planning
  • Compliance and Associated Documents
  • Budgeting and Grant Justification
  • Cloud Apps, Email and more!